How you can help.

We are always looking for compassionate individuals who want to make a difference by volunteering their time and any resources they are able to commit to helping CAAA, and most importantly of course, the cats and kittens of Cape Town.

Learn more below for how you can contribute and volunteer your time or resources.


Collection of food

We often get sponsored or donated food. Cape Town is a big place and you can help by offering to collect food and drop it off for us at some of our drop-off points from where it can be distributed to those helping with feeding.



You can help us by supporting our feeding efforts at feral colonies. CAAA provides the food, and you help by donating your time to go feed the ferals. We start you off by only feeding once a week, and you can feed more if you can spare the time.



Part of supporting our feral colonies means we will often trap cats so we can TNR them (Trap, Neuter, Release). This means the colony population does not breed out of control. You can help us by setting up traps and transporting those caught to our vets for sterilisation.



From time to time, we get kittens that are healthy and able to become part of a loving family. You can help by fostering kittens, or cats and help socialise them with humans and other pets to help them find a happy forever home.

Contributing is a commitment


While we appreciate all donations of time and resources, we absolutely understand your time is precious. We all have families, full time jobs and other interests and activities we have to give our time to. 

With that in mind, we ask that if you'd like to volunteer with CAAA, you consider your intent to assist carefully - in other words, if you commit to volunteering, be mindful of your fellow volunteers, their time, as well as the animals we assist.